Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apologies and WTF?

So we here at the Management would like to apologise for the lack of new posts of late. The Management would like to acknowledge that "we" have a full time position and thus silliness takes second chair. That being said there have been many a thing, happening (see what I did there?) here at the Personal Reed Project. First and foremost "Recumbent Chuck" has been renamed "Productive Chuck" (story to follow later) and "Personal Reed" has been out of state and or out of "states" as of late (see what I did....?). This can only be explained by the following photos along with a guest appearance from "Bunny".

The Management came home from the heretofore mentioned full-time position to witness this.





Tin hats and Cartoons. Saving Personal Reed and Bunny from the Aliens one brain-wave and Looney Toon at a time...

Thank you Reynolds Wrap.

Thank you Bunny.

Thank you Personal Reed.

Uh, Thank you Aliens?

That's all.

M. Well