Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everyone Needs a Personal Reed

As this is the 1st post of the Personal Reed Project let's get a few things straight. This site is nonsense and means absolutely nothing. This site was created for one reason and one reason only. Well actually a couple things really. Those things being raising money for beer, rent, buying crap on Ebay and paying our lodge dues. You know the truly important stuff of life. Make no mistake about it Reed is my friend and Masonic Lodge Brother. He currently lives on my couch and we felt his life so interesting we'd exploit his adventures and make money from it.

So as the saying goes everyone needs a "Personal Reed" and this one is mine.

A personal Reed has many uses and is an asset to many a persons' life and we hope by sharing such uses and or functions of a Personal Reed that your life may be enriched and more fruitful. My girlfriend says it best in "Look at that smile" and you then know all there is to know about Personal Reed. With a Personal Reed how can things go wrong? You may have heard the virtues of a Personal Reed extolled in the classic song by Douche Moped "Your Own Personal Reed" or in the modern remake version by the famous Dutch Country and Western singer Johannes Dolar.

That being said the birds don't worry about where their meals are coming from nor should we. So donate at least a dollar and after 250,000 donations we should be in pretty good shape we think. We promise to entertain you. The more dollars the more entertainment.  We are not a charity and don't pretend to be one.  You donation is not tax deductible.   

Please check back often for the many uses and benefits of a Personal Reed and know that with Obama letting stem cell research funding and possible cloning out of the bag we "may" someday have the ability to offer you your own "Personal Reed".

Till next time.

M. Well